Beware ask you activate calls WhatsApp, malware can infect

Desactiva el doble check azul de WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp launched its Android VOiP calls there has been a whole boom about it. And is that as we explained at the time, to enable calls need someone to call us to have available the .

The madness was served, thousands of people calling for the networks they are called, and worse, leaving her exposed online number to be in the spotlight of numerous companies SPAM and malware . Obviously all the fuss has been used by different people to get malware to call desperate for users.

This is why we can find the net different false messages that invite us to give our number or to download an application to enable calls . This is highly unlikely, and all you get is that you install a virus on your phone.

So if you receive any message type “Hello enable WhatsApp calls for free by clicking here ->” be careful not to, you you will take some surprises that has nothing to do with WhatsApp calls .

And that Once users click on the link, they land to another website where they are asked to conduct a survey on behalf of WhatsApp. After that they are forced to download an unknown application that promises to turn the call yet installed software Malicious our Android that either fill us with advertising the phone or send our data to unknown servers without our consent .

Anyway, is now no longer possible to activate calls by invitation, WhatsApp has closed invitations , possibly because of already having enough beta testers so there will be to wait for invitations enabled again or officially launch the feature for everyone.

The truth is that this has been an easy target for distributors malware million users worldwide eagerly awaiting access the function calls have free their numbers by different forums and blogs. Practically we have left in tray.

My advice: forget about the calls, and when activated will officially launch besides that currently operate really bad. And if you’re going to ask you to call, to be a person you know and trusted, do not install anything that promises you activarte calls because it will not.

And you do you think? Head over Beware ask you activate calls WhatsApp, they can become infected with malware to leave your mark.

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