Beta Updater keeps WhatsApp updated to the latest version, you will not miss one!

Beta Updater WhatsApp

Often developers, both professional and not have certain pattern with their applications, as they implement new features in applications are turned over to the public in beta version, and if they work correctly and require no change more, that’s when apply in the public version, also known as stable .

If you are a user usually wants and likes to try new features you now have a more convenient way to enjoy if WhatsApp, as a developer has created an application called Beta Updater for WhatsApp, which as its name suggests, this allows us to always updated application instant to last, with the latest developments implemented therein messaging.

The proper function of this is simple, it is responsible for checking the version you have your terminal WhatsApp and if there is newer than not in Google Play, it will download and then you yourself can make installation without going through the official website and download the APK.

Beta Updater WhatsApp capturas

For now, note that we do not know if shareholders WhatsApp aware of the existence of this and even blessing, but until now has not given any problems because it is not an alternative version if not a simple updater that performs the function comfortably for users interested in having the latest features and news.

Of course, this is completely free and in Spanish where only find a small banner advertising so that its developer get some benefit from this, which generally should not be a problem.

Google Play | Beta Updater for WhatsApp (Free)

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