Benefits of IPS TV LG

sharpness and high image quality, the most realistic colors, the resistance of the panel and a broader perspective has been to TVs with IPS technology preferred by consumers, according to a survey conducted by the consulting Vanishing Point. In this sense, one of the companies that have invested in this technology LG Electronics so that users can get the best possible picture quality.


According to this study, IPS of LG TV received a rating 8.47 10 . This is the best result of the four brands tested, with 57% of respondents who rated image quality as excellent. The same survey shows that 86% of consumers believe that the IPS of LG TV comes with the same picture quality no matter which angle you look, well above the competition tested, so that the images are of the same quality from anywhere.

In addition guarantees a perfect viewing angle, LG IPS technology, which is present not only on TV, but smartphones and tablets lets perceive truer colors with improved brightness and sharpness


LG IPS technology has four advantages key.

Color Genuine

IPS stands for high definition color, brightness and sharpness thanks regularity and dmenos changes in color temperature, reaching a color temperature at a level close to 6500K. Therefore an identical print of the original image.

greatest possible viewing angle

LG IPS technology to enjoy a lifelike picture quality without any change in color, you are standing, sitting or lying down. Its angle is the maximum, 178 ° horizontally and 178 ° vertically, from the front, sides, bottom … all angles you can imagine with the highest quality

Reduces eye strain [. 1999033]

The so clear and true picture of LG televisions and monitors prevents eye fatigue as they for images that produces eyestrain disappear. In addition fast image updating and changing light color can watch videos comfortably for a long time. It is the ideal place to enjoy action movies, sports display and game

Professional Color Calibration

LG experts have conducted tests color calibration to guarantee a accurate result. Moreover there is an ECO Friendly technology, ie its LED backlighting high efficiency reduce energy consumption.

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