Becomes the button of the Samsung Galaxy S7 in a virtual button with this app

gradually, the buttons have been disappearing from the Android phones; the screen has been slowly gaining ground on the front of the devices, to make desaperecer full buttons on some models that there are in the market right now. The phones that are coming out now on the market only have three buttons: two volume and one for power on and off.

For the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the few high-end phones that retains a physical button in the front of the device; the classic central button that for years has accompanied all the devices of the south Korean company to put the finger print reader.

Convert the sensor traces physical of the Samsung Galaxy S7 in a touch button it is possible to

to Do this is as simple as downloading the app Fingertouch App. An app created by a senior member of XDA-Developers. The user was looking for an application that convert your physical button of the Galaxy S7 in a tactile button; so, to find that there were none, created Fingertouch App with option toggle it on and off from the quick settings of the device.

once you have downloaded and installed on your mobile phone, you’ll see a notification in the notification bar; as well, the physical button of the Galaxy S7 fulfils the function of fingerprint reader will become a button touch. In this way, each time you flick your finger over the button but without pressing it, it will work as if you had done it.

If at any time you are interested in to regain the finger sensor as a physical button, you’ll simply have to block notifications of the app.

you Can download the application in APK in the thread of XDA-Developers. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 we invite you to try the app because it is much more comfortable to use the virtual button.

Source | Startlr

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