Be careful with the HTC 10, is a mobile phone vulnerable to dust and water

HTC 10 resistencia al agua

The HTC 10 is the new smartphone that HTC intends to re-emerge. First was a mobile mid-range for 600 euros and now it does with this HTC 10 that has a price of 750 euros in Spain, a price that puts it on par with a Galaxy S7 Edge, more or less, that is the price for which we can find at the moment. Yesterday we talked about the HTC 10 to fund, here’s everything you need to know about this mobile.

With the reputation that has earned HTC in the last year it seems that this is not going to go more than down but without a doubt the HTC 10 has begun with good foot announced thanks to DxOMark the HTC 10 had the best camera on the market over the Galaxy S7. This can be subjective but if these experts will tell you is that something will be done very well on HTC.

htc 10 especificaciones precio

The HTC 10 is very good, but quite vulnerable and protection IP53

When the industry equips its mobile enough protection to withstand water and dust, even without certifying that they hold, HTC has certified the HTC 10 with a certification IP53 which means that there is very little resistance to the water and, in addition, is not dust-tight.

With a protection 3 front of the water (as you know the first number corresponds to the certification against dust and the second against water), the HTC 10 can be damaged if sprayed with water, not even need to dip it.

If the number 3 was a 6 would mean that can get wet without submerging, if it were a 7 that would mean that you can submerge for a short period of time (accidental, for example) and if it was an 8 as in the Galaxy S7 would mean that hold submerged for at least 30 minutes. In the case of the HTC 10 protection 3 assumes that the phone can’t survive a jet of water. Yes, if it rains it is better to keep your phone away from water because waiting to see the first home test of water resistance this HTC 10 seems very fragile.

No, it is not ideal for HTC and at least it was almost better not to talk about this issue, with the phone today who resist the immersion, have layer superhydrophobic, etc This ad is not good but neither is most of the phone hold the water in good shape.

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