Batman – The Telltale Series are available for Android

No, not so fast, Batman: The Telltale Series are available for Android but that does not mean that you have a game of Batman: Arkham series or anything like that, the game developer Telltale Games is well-known for making other types of games.

Telltale Games has created titles that always offer interactive stories, it is more like to be watching a movie and do something from time to time, securities are much less playable, but that engage the individual to end up with the entire plot. This developer has created such titles as tales from the Borderlands, Minecraft Story Mode (which you can now enjoy for free the first episode) and also The Wolf Among Us.

Batman: The Telltale Series available for Android

After reading this sure that you have already calmed down. Now The Telltale Games dares with the dark knight but with a game that has already come out for consoles and PC, a game that has been a long time coming to mobile despite its few technical requirements and requirements graphs.

The game, like the others, will come in the form of different episodes that will make us pay if we want to continue playing with a new story and complete every time. It is like playing a different game, but everything is related.

Batman The Telltale Series will have multiple episodes

In this Episode 1: Kingdom of Shadows, we must encarnarnos in the skin of Bruce Wayne (the mythical Batman) and the Dark Knight, will show a side that is a little darker and less well-known Batman. In the games Telltale more we learn, play is play little.

history is quite simple, a Batman struggling to avoid a theft by interacting with Marvel characters such as the infamous Catwoman and the story of Harvey Dent trying to get the mayor of Gotham. The story is interesting and it is like reading an interactive comic.

WP-Appbox: Batman – The Telltale Series (Free+, Google Play) →

For the moment, the game is available completely free in the first episode and will only be compatible with phones that have Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 5.0 Lollipop with support for OpenGL 3.1. We assume that it will work in a Nougat, but we have not been able to try it out.

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