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AVG is aimed at collecting data . This is what we learned today after it was made public that the popular choice of antivirus applications for Android has changed their privacy policies. This is a setback for those who chose AVG precisely for its ancient polítcas, where ensured that users’ privacy was safe . Now some may think it is a good time to find alternatives to this application.

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Changes of this privacy policy, apart from wanting to communicate to users the change of direction that have occurred in the company have to do with you from now AVG Antivirus may access all data terminal . This means that they know what device you use, which applications have installed, what web sites you’ve visited in the cookies and even your search history. Come on, that the only way to have absolute privacy would go through buy a blackphone, and even then .

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Yet users know it continues to be positive . It is a “gesture of goodwill”, as they indicate is a gesture of transparency. But while it is good to inform users about changes and overweight this could also mean that already takes time collecting data without them knowing.

The new privacy policy wants to get from the user


In AVG say the user can disable the tracking options mostly without thereby losing characteristics of softare . In the company have Tamien wanted to express that data are collected in a completely anonymous and can not be connected to any person.

The exchange of a free service for data collection is very common nowadays , but the fact that AVG operate with elevated privileges and as we said before, many users eligiesen to avoid data collection, make this decision more questionable. Since AVG argue that probably seek another form of finance, either advertising or subscriptions to the service, but now it seems that enough for them to sell user information for advertising purposes, which also made in Avast .

The new AVG privacy policy comes into force on October 15 , and who continue to use its software after that date automatically accept the new conditions.

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