AVG published a report with more battery applications, and data RAM consumed

AVG published a report with more battery applications, and data RAM consumed

AVG publica las aplicaciones que más batería, datos y memoria RAM consumen

AVG is, as we all know, one of the best free antivirus that can be found for our computers to ensure their safety and performance. Of course, we are interested in the performance of our mobile not therefore willing to sacrifice battery or data, and AVG has decided to do a study, published today, which shows what applications are more battery, RAM and data consumes , and you will see how we find some familiar faces.

In the category of battery, it appears that on bloatware Samsung stands out above the others , especially two of them: Updates and Security Policy Beaming Service, which account the first and second in the list. Then we find Facebook, Waze GPS-application and application which we did not expect at all that is Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos .

When we talk about performance or RAM, I’m sure we could almost list applications without looking at the picture. Ranked number one we find Facebook followed by Spotify Music, Instagram, Path and the official app from Amazon, but there are others such as Google Chrome or the New York Times. These are the applications that consume more resources and therefore those most adversely affect the performance of our device .

Aplicaciones que más datos, batería y memoria RAM consumen

On the other hand, comes to our data consumption, as can guess, is, in large part, by applications of social and multimedia networks . From first to last we are implementing the Daily Mail, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify Music , but they also include some like Netflix. Of course, 3D games are the undisputed kings of this study since they are more data and battery consuming and worst affect performance.

Leaving aside the games, AVG has prepared a list in which ten applications that overall, worse affect the performance of your phone (in every sense) are, which are Facebook, Spotify Music, Instagram, Path, Amazon Android, Samsung WatchOn, BlackBerry Messenger, Line, Ball Pool Daily Mail Online, so if you have one of these applications and is not entirely necessary, can try to uninstall or find an alternative and improve performance.

Aplicacions que peor afectan al rendimiento

Finally, to improve the performance of our Android devices from AVG recommend us a series of actions we can do and will help us to improve performance and save power and data, as would extinguish unnecessary notifications, regularly delete data cache, lower the screen brightness and disable the wireless functions when not we are using quite simple tricks that will help us to our mobile Stamina us a little more.

What do you think the application? You use do any of them?

And you do you think? Head over to AVG published a report with the applications more battery, RAM and data consumed to make your mark.

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