AVAST takes strength and purchase AVG for 1300 million dollars

Avast compra AVG

they Say that when you can not with the enemy a him, and that this must be what they have to weigh the owners of Avast Software, which has bought its rival AVG Technologies after many negotiations.

Yes, both antivirus started PC, and it also operates on Android, now both belong to the same company thanks to a purchase that has cost some 1300 million dollars in cash (yes, we do not understand how an antivirus gives so much money like you).

AVG is absorbed by Avast

What is certain is that the greater competition from Avast has always been AVG (I myself have used this antivirus for a long time on Windows, and even what I’m recommending unlike Avast). Have been paid up to $ 25 per share, 33% more than it was worth, AVG really.

The union that aims to Avast would create a company leader in security, only Avast has 160 million users on mobile phones and now this union stands at 400 million users. This purchase is not for anything new that Avast has been attempting to manoeuvre as well as for 2012 but it seems that AVG has slowed a little with the abandonment of the PC.

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despite the fact that it is not the first time that we question the need to use an antivirus on Android, there are millions of people that do and the two applications are the most downloaded for Android. We believe that it is not very necessary but there are users that do we would recommend and may prove to be very useful both in their free versions as well as in their paid versions but AVG has always been something more user friendly, perhaps for this reason always have sold more.

Avast wants to protect the Internet of things

The objective of Avast is now to grow directly through new markets and enhance security of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), a new focus in which both companies must take forces, everything that is connected to the network can be attacked and even your fridge can spy on if you have a software connected to.

we don’t know how they will do now that they have joined, if you really continue to use both brands, will be merged with the current or go with the more fame you have, soys-free continue to download each of them directly at Google Play.

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Source | Bloomberg

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