Available firmware Android 6.0 LG G4 for your flashing

Tapa trasera cuero LG G4 daƱos

updates are one of the reasons that moves more people at the time of purchase smartphone. Have a cell phone that has the latest version of the Android system is important both for updates, enhancements, and performance as for being able to keep up with your terminal.

If you are already in your day, we saw how Android 5.0 arrived, carrying some bugs, it seems that what Google was looking for to be able to upgrade as soon as possible to Android 6 to forget about Android Lollipop and its problems. Now, it seems that Android 6.0 is starting to get to the devices gradually with the expected new features.
now turn , therefore, is for the LG G4 since, according to Android Authority, the LG G4 is starting to receive the update based on Android 6.0 but not in all versions, and by flashing in the mobile.

Firmware expected but not for all models

The LG G4 is one of the top-line that we currently have. Come out a few months ago, has positioned itself at the top of the ladder terminals with Android. With good features as we saw earlier website we have to highlight your RAM, QHD screen of 5.5 inches or its processor, Snapdragon 808 64-bit, make this a good terminal though, according to as said by our fellow Andro4all, it seems that his autonomy is not very good (not going on the day of use):

Battery. Does not comply with the average of the competecia today. It is not that we do not move for a full day, is that it will cost us to get to the end of the day without using the charger. We expected a step forward from the G3, although we’ll have to wait a year more.

Be that as it may, it now seems that the Android system 6.0 is beginning to come in but not for everyone. The update of the new system will be available only for the model G4 H815, which is the international model. Even so, is not as easy as having the device and wait for the update if not you will need a flashing of the system in the terminal. For this reason, you need TWRP 2.8.7 or higher to be installed on your phone which means that you have to bootloader unlocked properly.

Tips when trying to flash and download

As a tip, it is always recommended to make a backup of your terminal before performing the process. There is also to say that we are not responsible for what might happen to the terminal so, keep in mind what you are going to do and, above all, have knowledge about these processes before you do this.

With respect to the download, you can download the following files:





Codefire directory.

once you have downloaded the files and such, and as recommended in Android Authority, when you are coming from Lollipop, you will need at least flash the zip system and boot. The others are optional but, remember flash bootloader first, and then the others in any order you wish. Remember not to do wipe to the system partition until you are certain you have the bootloader flashed. With this, you should have the system installed on your terminal.

For more details, visit the thread official XDA Developers about this process.

What you think? Head over to Available the firmware of Android 6.0 LG G4 for your flash to make your mark.

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