Ask for a Galaxy S6 Edge, and you receive a tin of sardines in tomato

Galaxy S6 lata de sardinas

Ask for an Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and you get a tin of sardines along with a loofah, should be fun or that is what will be thought of Greg Cundill, a young man who has received a Galaxy S6 Edge is a somewhat peculiar after you renew your contract.

Greg Cundill has chosen to renew its contract with O2 and, as much the son of a neighbor, it has chosen to ask for a new mobile operator in britain. The best thing is that, after the signing of the permanence and opt for a Galaxy S6 Edge saw as, at the time you get home the package, inside there is no Galaxy S6 Edge.

Recibe una lata de sardinas en vez de S6

No, this is not a joke, he got a tin of sardines instead of your Galaxy S6 Edge

apparently Greg opened the package without realizing that the seal could have been tampered with and the truth is that he didn’t know if it was a joke or what was going on. Greg has commented that not even like the cans of sardines in tomato but, at least, now no longer will have an excuse to clean.

The u.k. operator O2 has said that it is investigating the case and has been in contact with the company in charge of carrying the package, UK Mail, which has stated that it has not tampered with the package and returned the witness to the telecommunications company.

this is Not a joke, the customer signed the stay and received a tin of sardines instead of a Galaxy S6 Edge

UK Mail has said that it is O2 that must be taken care of to say why he had a can of sardines in 125 grams inside of the original box of the phone Samsung and how it has reached there. Greg opened the box thinking that a loofah was a part of the protection of the mobile phone but soon realized that down there was no mobile but a can of sardines in tomato.

Greg has joked a lot about the subject, which, we recall, is no joke in reality. Young has commented that have laughed very much at home but this brand-new tin of sardines has cost about 56 pounds (73 euros at the exchange). In The Sun do not make it clear if Greg has already received a Galaxy S6 Edge again but in the meantime you will have to wait again, in case it has not yet been received, it is clear that the most disadvantaged of the matter.

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