Are you looking for a emulator Android for Mac? Here are the best

either by X or by y, some users are so certifiably insane that we want to run Android on our MacBook or Mac. However, there are not too many options if we seek to do so. Don’t despair looking for, today we bring you the best emulators Android for Mac you’ve tried. Are you more mobile or one of these?

The best emulators for Android for Mac

Android Studio

Although this is not an emulator itself, it has a very good engine that emulates Android on the Mac as on Windows. With the support of Google, AStudio is a development environment for programmers, but it goes far beyond.

And it is that allows us to emulate one or several Android mobile, being able to choose between a catalog of very wide, in which, how not to include the Pixel and Nexus. In we will be able to test the applications that we are developing, as well as use the Google Services: applications like Google Chrome are preloaded. Without a doubt, the emulator is ideal for some time.


now We come to the classic among the classics. In fact, Bluestacks was the first Android emulator for PC and the best of them since the death of RemixOS, an operating system that sought to bring Android to the computers and ended up failing.

unlike AStudio, Bluestacks is intended for the general public, so that it is much more intuitive and easy to use. In addition, it will save all our data when we close, therefore gaining even more usability. Who wants a tablet being able to install Bluestacks on your Mac? in Addition, this emulator was recently updated to version 4, with many innovations that you can check from this link. Without a doubt, the best Android emulator for Mac long.

Nox Player

If the above were intended for developers or the great mass, this specializes in the players. And is that if you are a mobile gamer, you have to try Nox Player on your Mac. Not only for power or usability, where it stands out with a difference, but that has a very special feature.

And that is allows us to directly record the screen of the mobile emulated, or even share it on social networks, so it is a must if you want to start to broadcast your game-playing Clash Royale, Provided or any game. In addition, the portable little powerful are not a problem for him, as it occupies really little space and does not consume too many resources.

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