Are you going to uninstall a game on your Android? So you can make a backup on your PC

Are you going to uninstall a game on your Android? So you can make a backup on your PC

When you uninstall a game on your Android, all the progress you have made in the same is cleared completely. If you want to keep the saved games of your Android games, and you don’t lose them when you uninstall the games, then pay attention to what we present below.

Then we will explain to you how to make a backup on your computer of all the games that you have on your Android. does not require root and it really is a very easy process, so that, without more, may we enter in the field.

Activate the debug mode by USB from your Android

To make a backup of all your games and apps on your PC, it requires the debugging mode for USB enabled on your Android. If you don’t know how to activate it, then follow the following steps:

  • Enter to Settings, and then tap About phone.
  • Tap seven times in a row Build Number to activate the options of the scheduler on your Android. You should appear a message warning you that you are already a programmer.
  • go Back to Settings, but now it enters in the option Scheduler.
  • Enable the option Debug via USB, pushing.

Install Helium on your Android and your computer

There are many applications with which we can create a copy or backup of our Android games on a PC. We tried most and came to the conclusion that the best and most easy to use is without a doubt Helium.

therefore, in the next tutorial, we will use this application, so that you need to install it both on your Android and on your PC to follow the steps.

you Can download applications of Helium from its official website or from github. You can also download the app for Android from the Play Store.

Steps to make a backup of your Android games on a PC

Hacer backup de juegos y apps de Android con Helium

  • Connect your Android to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Enables debugging for USB on your Android and open the app, Helium.
  • On your computer, enter in the program Helium and wait for it to detect your Android.
  • When the program detects your device, the following message will appear: Helium has been enabled on your Android (Helium has been enabled on your Android).
  • Mark all applications and games that you want to make a backup.
  • When you’ve finished selecting, tap Copy and then in Internal Storage.
  • With the mobile still connected to the PC, enable the transfer of data by USB your mobile.
  • From your PC, browse to the folder “carbon” in the files on your Android. There are the backups that you just created, which you can copy and paste on your PC to store them safely.

that way, you have created a backup of your Android games on your PC, where able to retrieve them when you want to. Finally, the following link will explain how to improve the performance of your Android games, as you may also wish to.