Appodeal, the best way to monetize your apps profitably


you are Probably a developer who just made their first app “serious”, that you want to launch it in the app store for turn and, at the same time, you want everyone to be able to download it without problems, so that the beams free of charge. Suppose that, equally, you want to monetize your application. What sóluciones you have? The monentización for your Android app is called Appodeal.

This is the ideal solution to monetize with advertising any application: it is really easy to deploy, works with most programming environments that are important in use today and allows you to choose between different types of advertising to be displayed in the app.

What is certain is that there are many spaces of mobile advertising with a large number of advertisers, although not all are suitable for all applications. Many of them dramatically reduce the real income that is derived from the monetization of apps, and Appodeal want to solve these drawbacks and to facilitate the sale of ads to mobile applications making it easier and more cost-effective.


How does Appodeal?

The use of Appodeal it really is quite simple. When an application that is integrated in the service request access to the same servers, Appodeal will process the request and compare between different ad networks in real time to know what are the ads that best are working.

in Addition to this, Appodeal has a tool of analysis of the patterns of behaviour and interests of the user, which allows to always be able to show more relevant advertising. It is worth noting that this service displays ads in favor of what they generate, and not what the brands invest in advertising. In addition, Appodeal does not charge for the work of mediation in advertising.

One of the most interesting features of Appodeal, apart from the analysis of the behavior and interests of the user, is the automatic blocking of the advertisers that unless they generate, as well as the automatic search of ad networks that are functioning as best as possible.

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Use of Appodeal

to start using Appodeal we will have checking in on their official website, that you can visit at the end of the article. Apart from that you will need to have an Admob account, that we will unite with our account Appodeal through a Chrome extension. In the SDK documentation of the service –you’ll also be able to consult it at the end of the article– there is a link that will install the add-on in our computer. In the documentation you also explain the steps necessary to configure the service correctly with the SDK of our choice.

In regards to the SDK officially supported by Appodeal, we can highlight, among others, Unity, Marmalade, Android SDK and Adobe Air. We will be able to choose between four types of ads: interstitial, banner, video video and with rewards. In each one of them will be able to control its provision and its place within the app.


If you have a app and you thought monetizarla, Appodeal is what you’re looking for. If you want more information we refer you to the links below, where you can visit the official web site of the service and to read the documentation necessary to integrate it into your SDK. Don’t lose sight of, because it is worth it.

Appodeal | official site

Appodeal | Documentation

What you think? Head over to Appodeal, the best way to monetize your apps cost-effective way to leave your mark.

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