Apple Music for Android now available

Apple Music para Android

If you are Android user and want to try Apple Music you should know that you’re out of luck, because you can download Apple Music for Android easily and completely official, as Apple Music, the music streaming service of the giant of Cupertino has come to its true competitor, the Google operating system.

Apple Music is one of the few applications of Apple in Google Play since the Move to iOS, despite accumulating a lot of criticism, but has also been discharged and has quite a few followers.

Apple Music Android

Apple Music for Android available in beta version

For the moment, as we can see in the screenshots, the version of Apple Music for Android is available in beta version (version 0.9.0) as indicated also in the description of the application, and this version includes a catalog with 30 million songs.

If you want to use Apple Music in Android you should know that you can use the service totally free for 90 days (3 months) and once completed these 3 months Apple will start to charge you about 9 dollars a month, or 14,99 dollars if you choose the monthly plan of six accounts. In the event that you choose the family plan it will be necessary to have an iOS devices or a Mac.

Apple Music is free to download for Android

Apple Music is an application developed by Apple and comes to Google Play, this time we hope the fans of Android do not criticize the music application of Apple as it has happened in previous occasions where the Apple apps have received harsh criticism has discharged to a bad position on Google Play. To download an application in Google Play the only thing you need to do is provide many negative evaluations and that seems to be given quite well to the Android users and in the end turn out to be even more fanboys than users who love Apple Music.

Apple Music have radios, favourite music, etc, but it obviously still has to fight a lot to get to the catalog of the great consolidated Spotify. Why would we choose Apple Music before Spotify if it is more expensive and has less of a catalog? We assume that the service is a little more thought for those who like Apple but have to use Android although the service has something better than the competition can gain some followers, we will be attentive. You can download Apple Music for free from Google Play on both a phone and a tablet.

Download | Apple Music for Android

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