Apple has less OLED displays for the iPhone 8 to which I would like to the fault of Samsung

Apple tiene menos pantallas OLED para el iPhone 8 de las que querría por culpa de SamsungApple and Download. Samsung and Apple. Bitter enemies condemned to be understood. Despite the fact that in this mobile telephony market all compete against all, behind the scenes there are business relationships much more friendly in which to buy or sell photographic sensors, batteries and screens. With respect to manufacturers that we’re going to talk about today, Samsung agreed to sell the panels to Apple for their next mobile device.

In the beginning, all versions of the iPhone 8 will come with screens with OLED technology manufactured by the koreans. However, the company has announced that it will not be able to supply Apple with the requested quantities until well into 2018. Before this, the signature of the apple bite has decided to reduce their claims and to allocate these panels only to a larger version premium of the iPhone 8.

As we discussed on Phone Arena, in this way, we would see 3 versions of the iPhone. Two as of this year, 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and a third version, whose screen size is unknown for the moment, but that yes, would have these screens manufactured by Samsung. Apparently it would be a more premium, a thing that makes something difficult to understand. We’ll see what Apple does finally.

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Currently, Samsung is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of screens is referred to, so Apple has already signed a contract of exclusivity. The problem is that the Korean company needs those same panels to mount their own smartphones and the presumable S8, -and they are not going to be a few, precisely – and hence the limitations imposed.

Why not buy more OLED screens from a third party?

is Not the first time that they were speaking of something as well, but the iPhone 8 looks like it will be a before and an after to the california firm. As he says, the screen of this new terminal would come to almost eliminate the side frames, so that the screen come from one extreme to another, something that has only been able to Samsung within the group of large manufacturers.

If you really Apple apostase by a design of this type yes it would make sense to launch a third version, so that testasen the results to launch a phone with curved screen-without affecting the assessment to sales. We will see what is around and if soon emerge new rumors or announcements about this collaboration agreement.

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