AppCircus arrives in Barcelona to bring together the most innovative apps of the moment

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Today, we have thousands and thousands of applications available to our mobile devices, but of those, certainly very few are truly innovative. And precisely why AppCircus born, an event that is responsible for bringing together app most innovative mobile time , and does so with a world tour in a few weeks, come to Spain, in particular, to Barcelona.

will be already the third consecutive year in which AppCircus landing in Barcelona, ​​event developers can be quoted to try your application is the winner, and thus receive a nomination to attend the Mobile Premier Awards (MPA) 2016 ie for prizes my internationally recognized, delivered at the Mobile World Congress each year, also in Barcelona.

AppCircus Barcelona, ​​place and date of the event registration

The registration period will end on June 25 , an inscription is free and open to any developer, startup or company. To participate, you only need to access the page dedicated AppCircus Barcelona and register the application, it will not be of any particular type, because this time the theme is free.

then July 9, will be held the event in the former factory of Estrella Damm, located in Rosselló street number 515 of Barcelona . Here, you will face each other 10 finalists applications whose developers have to present in three minutes before the audience, and of course, a jury will be in charge of giving the name of the app winner.

Users who wish may attend the AppCircus Barcelona and part of that public, to see in first person to this selection of the most innovative mobile applications nowadays.

Appcircus Barcelona

World Tour AppCircus

AppCircus continues summoning developers all over the world . If last April 15 was beginning the tour in Berlin, with a total of 24 developers my related to health, 23 will compete next week in New York, with applications designed to enhance the experience customer and user.

Then it will be when you move to Barcelona, ​​where AppCircus is to sponsor Estrella Damm, and as media partners to Andro4all, Difoosion and iPadizate . It is also expected to arrive in the coming months to cities like Bogota and San Francisco, among others. So do not miss any novelty AppCircus, we recommend that you continue in both its Facebook page and its Twitter page, and also through the hashtag #ACBarcelona

No doubt this is a great opportunity for any developer, which may make known its application to participate in such important as AppCircus event, and if it won, reaching even the Premier Mobile Awards. Remember, on June 25 is the deadline for registration, and the event will take place on July 9 in the former factory of Estrella Damm Barcelona. Good luck to all participants!

And you do you think? Head over AppCircus arrives in Barcelona to bring together the most innovative apps of time to make your mark.

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