“AparcaRadar” will help us to find parking easily and simply

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Often users and car drivers find themselves in the position of having to find a place to park their vehicles, especially in large cities, where get parking just becoming really crazy .

But if you think about it, it is possible that our daily companion, the smartphone, can not only be a tool to communicate or keep us entertained, but also a source of income in these small moments … uncomfortable, to say the least. aparcaRadar proposes an interesting and effective idea to save a lot of time parked our car , or rather, seeking space to do it.

Our location, the main ally in aparcaRadar

The operation of the application is fairly simple. Activate our location, the system will detect and locate us on the map, and we want to find parking when we click on the button shown to do so. Internal application options automatically perform certain functions such as directing where we left the car and set a reminder to other users when we leave the car park free of duty.

aparcaRadar Android

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis application is very simple for the average user, so that only we must press a button when we are lost in traffic jams or insufferable minutes looking for a place to park our vehicle. In addition, we could also tell with forecasting car parks could be freed in the next 20 minutes through the use of other users of this app.

users are required, many users, as many drivers as possible is in the cities and towns. So, the key to this type of application will then find all these people and convince them that be in aparcaRadar is useful and enhance the experience of all of us.

As usual driver, I consider such applications extremely useful, using the technologies today incorporate our smartphone, as may be GPS and GLONASS, to continue improving and providing us these yet small frustrating daily tasks. A person more than one insurance that saves dose of stress and arguments at the wheel , and this is a step to consider.

Completely free and available to any terminal with Android , the only requirement is to press the install and give at least button, a trial period in your town, city or even in your neighborhood.

Google Play | aparcaRadar (Free)

And you do you think? You stop by “aparcaRadar” help us find parking easily and simple to make your mark.

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