Angry Birds 2 and on Google Play, play!

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few days ago we told you about the new Rovio. It was not for another version of the first Angry Birds, but the direct aftermath of it, so that changes and updates would be much larger. Luckily, as we can see for ourselves, because Angry Birds 2 and can be downloaded from Google Play! Of course, it remains a completely free game, so it’s worth trying the new game in the legendary saga.

Angry Birds 2 was presented on Tuesday July 28 and two days later and we can download from the app store. The game brings a bunch of improvements , and contains features that make it one of the most entertaining games you can play on Android today.

  • Improved graphics
  • Free choice on every pitch Bird
  • Levels multi-phase
  • New and powerful spells
  • Challenge players around the world in the arena
  • Tournament online daily
  • Pigs head
  • Over 240 levels

In Angry Birds 2, the strategy comes into play

Thus, in this renewed delivery of Angry Birds, has given great importance to the strategy . Now, we can choose what we want to use bird on every pitch, not like before, we would appear one after another automatically. However, this will be beneficial or harmful depending on our choice , because depending on the moment, we agree more either.

also appear the pigs head, Whiskers, Chef Pig and King Pig , which will cost us much defeat. To try and try to be performing well, we have powerful spells like Blizzard, spicy chillies, ducks gold, and more. Some spells that can be used along the over 240 levels available from the beginning, which we’ll be adding many more are coming as new updates to the game.

Angry Birds 2 will also be available on iOS, but unfortunately, will not be released for Windows Phone, as we well adelantaban Muestros fellow WinPhone metro. As mentioned earlier, it is a free game , although it contains one-stop shopping.

Google Play | Angry Birds 2 (Free)

And you do you think? Head over Angry Birds 2 and on Google Play, play! to leave your mark.

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