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On a Monday again we are here with Android News section in which, as you know, please get up to date on all Android present in a few minutes. As always, though we are in a holiday season than usual, the news have been many and as varied, so we recommend that you do not miss the video to learn how is panorama, which already points to the second half , and certainly looks good.

Thus, we will discuss new smartphones G4 Beat as LG, which has just been introduced by the South Korean company, and to come, as expected Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and even a Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus edge would seem that the furnace is also in the Asian giant. These are just some of the news, so we invite you to watch the video to know them all:

And you do you think? Head over News Android. LG G4 Beat, Samsung Gear VR, Cyanogen and more to make your mark

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