Android N, should I update or not?

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there Are many users who have the possibility of updating to Android N and yet do not, because they do not want to risk it. In this article we are going to tell if you need to update to Android N o te we recommend you continue waiting. As I have told you a few days ago my experience with Android N Preview 4 on Nexus 6S and it is not all bad, although it could be much better, however, I have to tell you that the worst has already happened.

When he came the first preview of Android N was fatal. But in exchange, we were able to enjoy the new features as the quick response, multi-window or dark mode, among others. However, yes we have a lot of bugs in Android N, in addition to performance issues, battery life and some overheating. The Nexus 6P was pretty bad at the beginning with Android N, die alone, and lasted a little battery, among other problems.

android n preview 4 easter egg

Android N I have to update or not

We have asked in the comments if you recommend to upgrade or not. Well, today we have available Android N Preview 4. That is to say, the sufficiently stable as to go well with more or less 90%. So yes I recommend to install Android N in these moments.

there is Still more updates to mid-July (Android N Preview (5). And then the final, which will come in August, Android N-end when we will know his name, few days ago Google us trolleo with your course name in the easter egg.

If you want to enjoy the final version of Android N, I tell you that until the middle of August nothing. For those should be like a glove and enjoy all the good, without gaps or problems. For now we still have some other problem, but many less than at the beginning. We could say that it is more or less normal in its entirety, to the 90% or so. Until this update even has off only on occasion, or crashed the gallery of photos in WhatsApp.

you Can update it with the program of betas

If you want to update your Nexus to Android N now, please do not hesitate to link your Nexus with Android N Developer Preview in the beta program of Google. There are several pathways, because you can also install it yourself in the Nexus, although the other way is more comfortable because you will automatically arrive at the mobile. Only you will lose info if you decide to go back.

What you plan to do? Do you give a chance to Android N or raisins? As you advancement, it is a good time to upgrade. Just in case, do backup before.

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