Android is already present officially on Instagram

android-cuenta-instagramsome time Ago, that all users have the opportunity to enjoy Instagram in all our Android devices, and we can share our most important events with others. But now, in addition to that, Android has also decided to join Instagram and create your own account.

The guys from Mountain View have put in place makes some hours a new account on Instagram and promise to #AndroidAdventures and more. Of time, have published several static images and animations that form a collection of colorful and a collage together, but we have not yet been able to see any kind of adventure.

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Android is already present on Instagram

Be that as it may, what is certain is that this is a decision to be pretty accurate by the guys from Google, especially if we take into account that we are faced with a social network used by millions of people every day to share pictures. And that is one of the biggest rules of marketing is to be where is the audience and Instagram, without a doubt, has an audience very large.

android-cuenta-instagram-2In the images shared by the guys from Google there is a repertoire of products that surely many already know and that are from a Google Pixel, a Nexus 6P, a Pixel C and two smartwatch Android Wear. On the other hand, we also find certain details related to Android Auto and Android Pay, in addition to other elements that makes a direct reference to the operating system itself.

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Of time, and as we have discussed earlier, there is too much content in the new features of Instagram for Android, and we’ll have to wait to know what share of the guys from Mountain View in it, as noted from Android Central. What is clear is that the company will begin to have many more followers during the next few hours in this social network that in the beginning was only intended to share the photo, and that is gradually acquiring a greater dimension including videos.

What do you think the official arrival of @Android to Instagram? Do you think that should have opened before the account?

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