Android games a week (LXIX)


If a week ago we were finalized and digesting all the information on the IFA in Berlin with new devices made by Sony or Lenovo among others, during this last weekend we had the celebration of the Tokyo Game Show that has high role games for mobile devices, year after year, continue to grow and to be a market segment within the games that moves, each time, more money sector. Something good for us that we enjoyed so much with this scene. That gives us strength to continue with the compilation of Android games, this week highlights titles such as Random Fighters or Nibblers, but that can not detract from the rest you can find if you keep reading the article.

  • Rondo Adventure – In the realm of lso geletinosos beings lack a princess who has been kidnapped and will not touch her rescue. [Rondo Adventure] throws us into a puzzle game where your finger will be our best weapon while we die of laughter with sympathy unparalleled these filthy, but friendly characters.

  • World of Warriors: Duel – It’s time combat! World of Warriors: Duel puts us in full medieval times with fearsome fighters who will have to defeat the other hand, not with brute force, but with his skill and speed of reaction. Will you be able to follow them? .

  • Nibblers – The creators of Angry Birds they do other games and the latest example is Nibblers, a title which combine fruit puzzle in an effort to defeat a pesky lizards just want to eat a poor and beautiful creatures of the sea.

  • Random Fighters – While adapting a fighting game to smartphone tablet s not easy, Random Fighters seeks a new formula to make us enjoy: include elements of puzzle and memorization. In this way we are offered fights where luck will be in the form of expertise to clean up the energy bar to the contrary.

  • Blocky Highway – A highway, nice cars and much sympathy. Those are the hallmarks of Blocky Highway, a car game where casual reach new records using unso very private vehicles, with a large number of them to unlock.

What have ta like games that have graced the week? .

And you do you think? Head over games Android of the week (LXIX) to leave your mark.

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