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The heatwave is intense, do outdoor sports is an ordeal, and take to the streets in broad daylight is not recommended, but we do have a way to combat these high temperatures, and is a good assortment of games for Android. Not that we will act air conditioning, but we bring such good games that the hours will fly by and you forget that there are 40 degrees out. Good quality with the return of Mushroom Wars , the Paradia of Ramboat the end of the world Escape car launch Top Gear: Caravan Crush and the compendium of minigames WC Games . Feel like? .

  • Top Gear: Caravan Crush – The famous BBC has its own car game where we must launch vehicles through the air with the aim of wrecking many caravans that full floor located and in Top Gear: Crush Caravan we will impelling with many little tricks and skills before imagined

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  • Mushroom Wars: Space – The classic PSN title returns to mobile devices with Mushroom Wars: Space, preserving this innovative strategy, but now including a story set in space, and with a huge multiplayer full of tournaments and leagues worldwide.

  • Escape – When the world at your feet destroys the only way to get away is getting on a rocket and escape while everything collapses as we passed. So the gameplay of Escape, a game where a simple but low skill requirement and pulse control, we must escape without touching absolutely nothing … and this is quite complicated.

  • Ramboat – Nobody had invented it, until today !. Ramboat puts us to control a particularly Rambo standing on a speedboat while we deploy all our arsenal set in famous cities in the world, unafraid to fill the screen with explosions and shrapnel scenarios.

  • WC Games – Go to the bathroom is good, and with a game. Games WC compilation brings together classic versions of Snake and Arkanoid Connect to remember those old days, and incidentally see that for some titles in particular never gets the time and fun.

What did you think of the games this week? Do you have provided fresh air in this intense summer?

And you do you think? Head over games Android of the week (LX) to leave your mark.

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