Android Auto does not work on the Samsung Galaxy S10

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¿you Have a Galaxy S10? As attentive to the following information. Android Auto is presenting problems in the Galaxy S10 preventing its operation. This information was given to know in the official forum of Samsung because of that several users have presented the issue.

apparently the navigation service of Google for the car would be featuring a bug in the firmware which does not allow to detect the app.

¿What is the error that presents Android Auto in the Galaxy S10?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comparativa procesadoresFirst of all Samsung has not yet given any kind of response to this drawback, so that no one knows, officially, what is the problem in itself. However, users have reported two types of faults:

  • can’t open the application.
  • Can open the app and spend a few minutes shuts down.

users also have explained that this error still occurs even if you uninstall and re-install the app, reboot the phone, or even formatting it.

This would not be the first error or the first failure that presented the Galaxy S10, since some users have also explained that the screen of the S10 would be turning on while in your pocket.

From Androidphoria we believe that to be a software problem, Samsung might be working on a update to fix the bug. Although this could also be accompanied by an update to the application.

therefore, if you have a Galaxy S10 and are experiencing the problem, you must have patience because it is more likely that the issue will be resolved soon.

Source | SamMobile