Android 7.1.1 available for the Pixel and the Nexus via OTA and image factory


The wait has been infinitely tedious, long, and full of setbacks. We carry giving the rattle these days with the Developers Preview of Android 7.1.1 Nougat and with the rumors of the impending arrival of the OTA official to the Nexus and the Pixel on the 6th of December. Until CyanogenMOD 14.1 met some of our pleas.

But we can affirm with pride that the official version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat is available via OTA and factory image for the Google Pixel, and the Nexus 6, 5X, and 6P.

This morning have been uploaded to the OTAs and the images of the factory from the developer page of Android in the entire amalgam of Google products, starting from the Google Nexus 6 through the Google Pixel XL, thus fulfilling the promise made by the big G for keeping up to date with the Nexus until its demise with the arrival of the Pixel to the market.

On the same page of the OTAs, it appears the way you install them, and, as for the installation of the pictures, you will need the drivers for ADB installed on your PC when flashing. For the images, if you want to do a clean installation, the companions of Rooting already explained to us how to install an image of factory for the Google Nexus

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The nougat is coming


there Are many characteristics of 7.1.1 that brings with it the new Google. These are some of them:


new shortcuts for some of the apps of Google. With a small pulse, we can access some of the main functions of the application.

smart Storage

The storage brings us to the option of to be able to delete media files old automatically if we activate it on our device. Eye with what you want to keep.

New task bar

Including the new animation, the taskbar acquires 6 shortcuts instead of 5 with a new style of distribution.

Movements or gestures

Different settings to access the camera quickly or flip the mobile with the camera to make a selfie. Gestures in every rule.

There are other developments how the inclusion of images in the keyboard, the menu dedicated to help or include the restart option on the shutdown menu, which in my Nexus 5 it seems to me there is a delay that does not have it by default. But of course that will all change in the flash the new 7.1.1 Android. What you’re aiming for?

Tell us about your experience installing Android 7.1.1 on your Google Nexus or your Google Pixel.

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