An iPhone 6 Plus explodes on a bed

iphone 6 plus explota sobre una cama

Amazing what happened back in Atlanta, and two times so far this month. Another iPhone 6 is on fire and by surprise, while its owner slept. Let us recall the previous event, if the iPhone 6 had begun to burn in the pocket of a man, and also in Atlanta. Something similar happened in the world of Android, using a OnePlus One exploded while its owner was charging. We look at what happened with the iPhone 6 Plus and some tips to avoid that happen to us to us:

iPhone 6 Plus explodes on a bed

A man of Atlanta, David Grimsley, happened in a hurry gordo last night, when your iPhone 6 Plus began to burn suddenly while I was sleeping. What’s worse, is that he learned all of this because it sounded the fire alarm, so that could have been even worse.

iphone 6s plus explota en cama

David, I had the iPhone 6 Plus plugged in to the outlet and lying on your bed. The big surprise for the man, was that the iPhone began to burn in flames and throw sparks, as we have been able to find out on Fox 5 News. The natural reaction was to throw him out of bed for not prendiese in the blankets. I could have burned your apartment because of the iPhone!

Grimsley, reported what happened to Apple, and received a new iPhone 6 Plus in your house. However, David was very disappointed with the treatment of Apple, because yes it is true that they sent another unit, but after having told him what had happened or even asked if we had caused damage. What is certain, is that burnt your fingers during the accident (at the time they decided to launch the iPhone outside of the bed so that not prendiese more fire), and is now recovering.

For this man of Atlanta, load your mobile phone now will be a nightmare after what happened. The probability of that happening is almost never, pro can happen due to an external factor which is beyond our control.

it Is the second time in a month

is Not the first report of iPhone 6 Plus burned so far this month. Another man in Atlanta, with a iPhone 6 Plus, went through something similar when I started burn in the pocket. Another scare of those that are not forgotten. What is curious, is that also occurred in Atlanta.

I don’t know Atlanta but you’re not bringing anything good with the iPhone.

iphone 6s plus explota atlanta

The only one council that I can give, is to load the mobile on a surface that can breathe. Avoid having it on blankets, bed, etc of course, load the mobile phone with the charger that may be suitable. And not to expose it to high temperatures, because the battery might explode (although it would also be normal that would happen). The best thing, is that what we avoid.

What do you think about this story? Do you know anyone that has happened something similar?

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