An iPhone 6 explodes in a pocket

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This type of news always leave us boxes, but what is certain, is that a few days a iPhone 6 exploded in a pocket of a student. Darin Hlavaty, was the affected user, who told us that after the time of the explosion felt like a burn of fire in his right leg. He realized that he was in flames. But was able to take the phone out of the pocket and throw it in the trash. The guy is not hurt by the quick action-reaction, come on, that is perfectly.

then Apple users say that their phones don’t explode. This is no cause for laughter, but we are happy that this student has not passed anything (only the fright). A bad experience that does not have to happen to another user (so don’t be afraid if you have the iPhone 6). We are going to tell you what else happened and how it is believed that they originated the fire.

iphone 6 plus explota sobre una cama

An iPhone 6 explodes in a pocket of a student

What else do we know of the explosion? What could cause it? This guy has been told that her iPhone 6 was barely 6 months, in addition, was without a battery. But as a curiosity… the guy said that his iPhone 6 had the broken screen. This could be the reason which originated the fire. As this guy sat down wrong and with the screen broken, if it bent a little or maybe broke a little more, it could heat up and explode. It is unlikely, but weird things also happen.

does Not seem to us reason enough to cause a fire, but there is another reason. If you something similar happens with your phone (broken screen) and you sit on him, with your mobile in your back pocket, be careful, because it could happen to you a misfortune. Not only breaking it, but getting burned.

The pressure exerted on the battery could cause the fire

it Is believed that the real reason was the pressure exerted on the battery of the iPhone 6, which could make it burn. Between the broken screen and the whole force of the body above the battery iPhone 6, who knows. Everything indicates that it was so…

The good news is that the boy will not think of anything.

is Not the first time that it happens… a iPhone 6 Plus also exploded on a bed.

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