Amber Weather Weather Forecast with Material Design and fantastic widgets

Amber Weather

As we know, Android is the operating system of choice regarding customizing , for this accompanied with the overwhelming number of applications and different methods that offer us many possibilities to give a new look to our terminal can get great results but of course, make our unique and different from the rest.

In this case, the main issue we deal with are the widgets, because I have the pleasure of bringing one that has personally met my needs, both weather in my city, and design in the home screen, and called Amber Weather .

Like other such duties as HD Widgets or Typographical Theme Zooper, this offers an Detailed forecast Current weather in our city where can visualize both coming days, for hours in the present day, along with other details such as pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, the exact time of onset of dawn or against the sunset.

Furthermore, all the above details are accompanied by a careful look Material Design in a nice blue tone , a simple interface with well organized and clean menus. We also found the opportunity to show in a bar in the notification panel, where these make a summary report even if current climate changes occur.

Amber Weather app

But not based on an application, as this also gives us some excellent, beautiful and detailed widgets with a variety together with the option to access the store included in the application, we find much more to download for free, as a cost of about between 1 and 2 euros most .

Once applied the widget on the home screen I personally wish, we also found some shortcuts to certain applications as in the Calendar or Alarm because simply clicking on the time or date, we will access according to them we have configured the application you want to open performing the action. Besides these, we also find in my case, an icon of the current time, if you click on this update the widget in question to show the details of the forecast at the time.

Widgets en escritorio

If all these things like a personal recommendation I invite you to try it, because it is free and contains a number of widgets to customize the desktop of your terminal, some of these also no cost.

Google Play | Amber Weather (Free)

Google Play | Weather Themes for Amber

And you do you think? Head over to Amber Weather. Weather with Material Design and fantastic widgets to make your mark

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