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There is something that bothers you much, of the bloatware. When a company adds a lot of useless applications on our mobile and even a lot of trash always ended up protesting.

Now, would you be willing to pay for a mobile with advertising and bloatware in exchange for a reduction in the price? That is the idea of Amazon, you can to save a few euros on a mobile phone in exchange for receiving advertising of the company. These new versions will be called Amazon Prime Exclusive (Amazon Exclusive Premium).

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Amazon Prime Exclusive: Mobile cheaper with Amazon in exchange for advertising

This new program allows us to purchase a mobile is more economical to change to buy it with a ROM modified by Amazon, which includes advertising on the lock screen, apps Amazon pre-installed and surely all that will happen.

discounts for purchasing one of these phones range from $ 50 for up to 25% or 50% of the price terminal. It will certainly be a more well-suited to mobile economic or mid-range as you are willing to pay 500 euros on a phone you do not want advertising for 50 euros less (or so we believe).

at the moment, this program has been released only in where you can buy the Moto G4 and the Blu R1 HD, both with rebates of $ 50. Advertising in these mobile appears directly on the lock screen but can be embedded also as a notification more.

Mobile exclusive Amazon Premium, soon in Spain

The advertisements can be ruled out, as many others, but there is no option to not appear, the ultimate solution lies in change the lock screen, or surely directly install the original ROM from the manufacturer although we do not know how Amazon will try to limit these practices. When a user changes the ROM, because it removes all the bloatware and advertising, but to do this it will risk losing the warranty of the terminal.

The mobile this program may be used with any operator and you only need to check the frequency bands used in order to know which ones will work correctly. There is also another important limitation, to buy a mobile with Amazon Prime Exclusive will have to become a Premium member of Amazon, at the end we will come out to tell you the option.

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