Amazing! Only works a third of the antivirus available in the Play Store

Within the Google Play Store, there are a lot of applications that do not meet as they should. In this opportunity, it has been revealed that it only works a third of all the antivirus in the Play Sture. Incredible, but true.

AV-Comparatives tried 250 antivirus for Android and only 30% of them work full. why? Because not everyone has the ability to detect when an application is malicious. On the contrary, give false-positive results of apps that could be harmful.

most anti-virus programs for Android do not work

Antivirus Premium ┬┐Valen la pena?

According to AV-Comparatives most antivirus based its analysis on white lists or black and exclude the application code. For this reason, it can be detected with certainty when an app is malicious.

After the report, they were deleted more than 30 antivirus in the Google Play Store. Those who truly serve are those of well-known companies such as AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee and Symantec. So if you want to increase the security of your mobile, do it with any of these antivirus for Android.

Los mejores antivirus para Android 2018

an application is available in the Google Play Store does not guarantee that it will be good. The site on which millions of people around the world downloaded apps for their mobile Android is full of malware. Be that as it may, avoid installing extraneous applications, and analyzes the permissions requested by each software.

in Addition, we invite you to see these 5 tips for the security of your Android. it Is better to prevent than to regret!

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