Amaze File Manager, a good file explorer for Android

Amaze Explorador de archivos

native Android or Android Stock (the Android pure that bring the Nexus, for example) does not bring a file manager decent, it is more, before Marshmallow Android didn’t bring not even a file browser. do you Know how to use the file browser in Marshmallow?

The case is that they are so bad the file managers of Android stock that the users are forced to use a manager third-party file and today we’re going to put one on the list, it comes to Amaze File Manager, a file manager that comes without making a lot of noise but that looks really good and seems to be an interesting possibility for the majority of users.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager, why should you use it?

in Addition to being a file manager Open Source, this application can be installed on Android 4.0 or higher and with the possibilities of the free software is placed in a privileged position in terms of possibilities. It is not that Amaze is better than none, or be revolutionary, but the case is that it fits in and makes things right with a style Material Design is really attractive and yes, if you do not know, Amaze File Manager is totally free, has no advertising and used the same font that you used Amazon in your logo, and even has a similar name (you know, a way to become familiar with you to try it, marketing gimmicks).

Amaze has a style Material Design very strong but however the colors do not remind us of him much. In terms of the main features is the option to copy, cut, delete, compress and extract, as in many others. Besides that it also is able to open multiple tabs at the same time and incorporates an administrator of apps to open, copy APKs or directly uninstall applications without losing time.

we can Also access the search history or favorites, and yes, looks a lot like Solid Explorer, but this option is free and without advertising, this means that many users will take the risk to try it, and you may not need any more. Will have to see its development over the years to see how the application ends.

Download | Amaze File Manager on Google Play

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