Already know the date of availability of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

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No one said that a revelation zombie it would be easy, however we are still irritated by the fact that The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land previewed in iOS a few weeks before coming to Android. Honestly, we’ve been wanting to try this promising game as much as a hiker you want your daily ration of brains, but the wait has been worth it because finally, what we have between our hands.

we have Just received news from our colleagues of Android Authority that The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land will come to the app store of Google the 29 of October (next Thursday). The game is free in the app store of Apple, so we assume that Android users will receive the same treatment and we will be able to get it without any cost.

For those who were living under a rock and still don’t know, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is an official title that brings the company’s video game Next Games and AMC, and film producer american.

According to the representatives of AMC, this new game is to approach a new experience up to now gamers on mobile platforms. There is nothing like the video game series of The Walking Dead in the works Telltale, so you’ll have to be prepared for something different. In fact, this title offers based fighting attack turns and character progression, which makes it more similar to an RPG.

the walking dead no mans land

objective in this game will be to survive and build your own unassailable refuge after escaping from Terminus. Players will have access to six classes and a large number of characters from which to choose. As in the tv series, each one of these characters will have skills and abilities unique, which will immerse you in the idea of choosing the appropriate options to ensure your survival.

To put the icing on the cake, the game will be narrated by the character of the tv series, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), one of the most popular and favorite among the community of fans of the award-winning show. So we have been able to know, there will be exclusive content that you have not seen in any other place.

Are you interested in? I do that what I am, without a doubt. Although I am not very fond of the quick history of the game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, yes I would like that the games of Telltale had something more than action to keep us in tension. I think that No-Man’s-Land lies between the two titles mentioned previously, and will bring a balance that you can that will keep you interested.

how do You download the game next Thursday?

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