Already available images Marshmallow Factory for Google Android 6.0 Nexus

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

has come, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments of the year. Is none other than confirm the official launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow , the new version that has left behind his period Developer Preview to get an exclusive but temporary Nexus devices, without having privileged Nexus 5X Nexus and 6P who had the pleasure of being the first to bring the news under the arm.

Update via OTA Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Logically and as we are traditionally used, some existing Device Google Nexus in the market are fortunate to officially receive the new version of Android , which brings many changes, both visual and optimization . So, we will quote the terminals, both smartphones and tablets that can be updated now:

  • Google Nexus 5: Not yet available

  • Google Nexus 6: Not yet available

  • Google Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi 2013): Not yet available

  • Google Nexus 7 (LTE 2013): LMY48P 5.1.1 -> 6.0 MRA58K

  • Google Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi): 5.1.1 LMY48T> 6.0 MRA58K

  • Google Nexus 9 (LTE): 5.1.1 LMY48M> LMY48T 5.1.1 (October security patch, essential for Marshmallow) – 5.1.1 LMY48T> 6.0 MRA58K

  • Google Nexus Player: Not yet available

Images Marshmallow Factory Android 6.0

  • Google Nexus 5 (GSM / LTE) “hammerhead”: 6.0.0 (MRA58K)
  • Google Nexus 6 “Shamu”: 6.0.0 (MRA58K)
  • Google Nexus July 2013 Wi-Fi “razor”: 6.0.0 (MRA58K)
  • Google Nexus 7 2013, “razor” LTE: 6.0.0 (MRA58K)
  • Google Nexus 9 Wi-Fi “Volantis”: 6.0.0 (MRA58K)
  • Google Nexus LTE 9 “Volantis”: 6.0.0 (MRA58K)
  • Google Nexus Player “fugu”: 6.0.0 (MRA58K)

How to install using adb tool

  1. Download for file for updating according to our device and its current version.

  2. Save the .ZIP file in the folder “Platforms-tools” Android SDK

  3. Connect the device to your computer via USB

  4. Turn off your device and turn it on by pressing “Volume Down” + “Power” to access bootloader

  5. Access recovery through volume keys and power button

  6. When an exclamation point appears press “Volume Up” + “Power”

  7. Select “apply update from adb”

  8. Write from the terminal or command window code “adb sideload” and the exact filename for updating (adb sideload

  9. And finally it left alone normally restart the terminal and wait the necessary optimizations to return to recover the data with the new update, in this case Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


For our part it is all perfectly detailed. Now we just need that Google finished release the files needed for some other devices and, of course, we will update as soon publicly displayed for all Nexus devices fortunate to receive the update.

Google Developers | Images factory and Android SDK

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