Almost 100% of Android users at risk by a new malware

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As we have explained our fellow Rooting few minutes ago Android users are experiencing a new case of malware , because of another serious security hole system . A new problem that, unfortunately, could affect almost all Android users whether or hackers would propose responsible, which, to the surprise of many, it seems they are not exploiting the moment.

security expert Joshua Drake of Zimperium, has been commissioned to find the vulnerability and provide more information, information that certainly is not encouraging. Since version 2.2 Android Froyo to the most recent, Android 5.1.1, is susceptible to succumb to attack hacker , or what is the same, 95% of the terminal Android currently active.

Hangouts is the gateway of malware

Apparently the security breach Stagefright is in the library, you can give free rein to a third party control 100% of the terminal after it has been infected with software Malicious through a video . That is, any communication application that allows sending multimedia files, such as messaging, would be a gateway to the hacker .

However, the biggest problem is in Google Hangouts , which we’ve heard not many other important security issue recognized by Google itself does. If the currently selected as default SMS application, we need only receive the video to infect. is not necessary to open the message, or video, or do anything . Our device can be in the hands of another without our idea, and can occur even before we hear the sound of the arrival of the message.

Descarga ya la nueva versiĆ³n de Hangouts

Can we be quiet?

The short answer is no. At least I would not be, and the more ancient is our version of the system even less. Google has already admitted the problem, curiously there since last April, but has been now that has come to light. The solution would be upgraded with a patch all those terminals in danger , remember, 95% – thing that the Mountain View have already started working, and indeed has already contacted manufacturing companies that are put to work to combat this problem.

But then give yourself, it would be naive to believe that all these terminals could receive some kind of renovation, especially the oldest. Drake himself has assured that only 20% of current smartphones active may receive the “cure” , a figure that hopefully could increase as much as 50%. This depends nothing less than the manufacturers, and the desire to have these to protect users.

Although of course, the first that the story should apply this security is Google, at least do more than it already does. For now, it makes sense to remove Hangouts as SMS application , and of course, get away as we can from any video to reach us and that we ignore their origin or we doubt his intention.

And you do you think? Drop by Almost 100% of Android users at risk by a new malware to leave your mark.

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