All the differences between the AirPods from the first generation and the AirPods 2

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As I discussed a few weeks ago, the AirPods 2 were just around the corner and, finally, are official. Come with some news quite interesting, and other aspects that have left us with a taste in the mouth… somewhat bittersweet.

From this article we will tell you all the differences between the AirPods from the first generation and its successor, do you think there will be many or that have fallen short? Keep reading to learn all the details 😉

These are the differences between the first AirPods and the AirPods 2 Apple

The first people could instal new chip wireless and many other novelties and, in this case, the thing has not been too different. We have more autonomy, more connectivity and stay in a pack more (expensive) and full. We do not roll up more, then you have it all summed up to give you an idea:

airpods 2 oye siri

  • New chip H1 to achieve better autonomy and other improvements.
  • battery life quite increased compared to the previous model. In particular, we have more than 7 hours of talk and a further hour of conversation after the full load.
  • connection Time with the device cut in half.
  • “Hey Siri” is already available automatically without having to press any button, and without spending additional battery.
  • New carrying case with wireless charging in the more expensive version.

as you can see the changes are not too many and most are focused on improving the battery life. The design remains the same and we liked that they have added the ability to charge it wireless. The price that you must pay to have it not so, then you are.

estuche carga airpods 2

Availability and prices of the AirPods 2

The first AirPods are no longer sold by Apple on their website for one reason: the price is the same in its basic version. The thing has been:

  • The AirPods with the case of normal load are in the same $ 179 than before.
  • If you want to with the charging case wireless have to pay 229 euros.
  • on the other hand, you can purchase just the case of charging without cables 89 euros.

What, how have you been seeing these prices? do you think you are according to what they have to offer? Leave your opinion in the comments section. Before we left, we advise you to take a look at the Motorola VerveBuds, an alternative quite interesting.