A vulnerability in the Google Pixel would have exposed the data of users


The Pixel, made by Google just a few months ago, have managed to flourish in the middle of the adversity and the evil omens. Prior to its official presentation, the majority of the media criticized both the design and the course price when you come to the market. A time were revealed by Google, the criticism remained.

however, it was not until the first units arrived to its users in the united States that they realized how wrong they were. Now, the Google Pixel take time in the market –though they have not come to Spain yet– but unfortunately, what they didn’t know many of their owners is that their data were compromised.

Google Pixel is updated to fix security issue

Google Pixel, novedades
Thanks to AndroidHeadlines, we have been able to know that the phones this year have come to replace the line Nexus have been updated recently, covering a major vulnerability that would have caused serious problems have been discovered by hackers. Specifically, this bug has been called 33700679 by the engineers of Google.

apparently the failure 33700679 lies in the sensor of the front camera of the Google Pixel. According to the report, this component had access to the serial number of the device, which is unique, and should not be able to be accessed by third party applications. Unfortunately, it seems that this was not so, and this failure opened a door to a third party to locate the phones individually.

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