A possible Meizu Pro 5 Mini is filtered in the network

Meizu Pro 5 Mini filtración

After that Meizu has released the most powerful smartphone in the current scene, the Meizu Pro 5, you have started to stop to see the first details on the future Meizu Pro 5 Mini.

The Meizu Pro 5 is one of those terminals that we have not yet seen in the streets, but if everything on it works well since we will realize that we are faced with the possible better Android current. The chinese manufacturer has realized that despite the fact that it offers a quality / price ratio very high in the Pro 5 there are many potential buyers looking for a alternative solution a more economic and for that you could use to Meizu Pro 5.

Meizu Pro 5 Mini features leaked

In the event that the Meizu Pro 5 Mini go to exist, we must not forget that the rumors must be treated as such, we are talking about a terminal that would bring the processor MediaTek Helium X20, the first processor ten-core that promises up to 70% more power through a single thread, and that would improve the ability of multi-core in up to 15% with respect to the Helio X10.

screen, being a mini, should not exceed 4.7 inch, and should have Full HD resolution. In terms of the size of the storage expect two versions in 32 and 64 GB. Yes, what should be clear is that Meizu should use materials of first quality for this smartphone and offers a premium design as in many other of their phones and keeping the line of the Meizu Pro 5.

Price of Meizu Pro 5 Mini

And yes, although at the moment there is more than a rumor and no official confirmation on the part of Meizu, has already been spoken of, their prices that would point to a few 299 euros for the 32 GB version and a few 349 euros for the 64 GB version that we do not know if you will include some other distinguishing feature.

Since then we still don’t know if the Meizu Pro 5 Mini will be a smartphone real, but if it has a Helium X20 in its interior, we can already intuit that it will be Mini in design but not in features, the Helium X20 is a processor that will give great war to the market.

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