A group of hackers violated the Google Pixel and receives $ 120,000 for it

google-pixel-resistente-al-aguaCertainly, any prognosis would have guessed the success that we have had the Google Pixel. Three months ago, if someone had asked me if the successors of the line Nexus would come away, my answer would have been a resounding no. However, today everything seems to indicate that phones from Google have been convinced, at least in the united States.

For Google, the Pixel are all a masterpiece, and the company wanted to prove it by organizing an event at the urging hack terminals. In the case that your attempt to arrive at a good port, with a prize of $ 200,000. What was most surprising? Has been achieved, in particular by the group of hackers chinese Qihoo 360.

Hackers find a vulnerability in the Google Pixel

google-pixelThanks to the Android Authority, we have been able to know that the chinese group hackers Qihoo 360 has discovered a exploit in the recent Google Pixel. However, don’t panic! Everything has been promoted by the own Google in the event PwnFest, with the aim of encouraging the hacking ethical, in addition to making sure the safety of their latest devices.

apparently, the team of Qihoo 360 used a vulnerability –which has not been disclosed– to open Google Play and then enter in the Chrome browser. Already within the application, hackers managed to open a page of Internet that read “Pwned By 360 Alpha Team”. For your well-deserved effort, the team Qihoo 360 has received a $ 120,000 prize.

This initiative of Google is incredibly useful, since in addition to enhance what otherwise could be used in a negative way, it rewards the effort. Thanks to the discovery of this vulnerability, the engineers of the american company is already working on a way to solve the problem, through an update that will receive the users shortly.

What do you think about the Google Pixel?

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