87% of governments using Facebook do you know which is the more likes you have?


Facebook has always garnered good numbers since its launch, however even yesterday I told that young people escaping from the social network due to so much presence of adult. However, this does not mean that 87% of the governments around the world have created their page of Facebook, so as to reach to the people and show a human face of them that many do not know, how them will work best to your policy by joining the social network? What we analyze.

Facebook, the social network of governments

These data come from a new report, which has been published today by Burson-Marsteller. These data reveal that 87% of the 193 countries of the United Nations, are in Facebook. These data are real and it is possible that were unimaginable for the most of all of us, but are existing at this point at least 2016.

political campaigns by Facebook have been successful throughout these years, hence the social network added the button “I voted”, for users share their vote and many others feel more tempted to do so. Come on, that would increase the number of users in front of the polls.

Obama, a pioneer and most successful

Who do you think has been one of the first presidents to appear by Facebook? The unmistakable Barack Obama, who has always liked very much for its naturalness, and that many would consider “authentic”. The current president of the united States, has left to see by Facebook since the year 2007, so that you are many years ahead of sharing their experience of policy and campaigning, which he is proving and is reflected in numbers. It has won lots of likes on photos and comments, but also votes in the polls.

Obama en FacebookMany other presidents in the world are following their example. And the numbers speak for themselves with this incredible figure of 87 % as you had at the beginning of this article. Nothing more and nothing less than 512 official pages of Facebook for these 169 governments, that if we look at the I like, are more of 230.500.000 likes.

What do you think of Facebook as a means for the presidents of the world to disseminate their purposes? it Is clear that a social network can open more doors in the face of votes, since it is a place where users will usually be at least one time a day.

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