6 reasons to buy the Nokia 6

Unless you live on another planet you’ve probably heard that a great Nexus 6 mid-range is going to come out in the market to add to the cart. For this reason, today we want to give you 6 reasons to buy the Nokia 6.

We are facing a terminal’s great that there is no waste, but it is possible that you do not know everything that has, therefore, not know whether to buy it or not. What we do know, is that Nokia 6 will be released in all over the world.


6 reasons to buy the Nokia 6

Before moving to 6 reasons, please do not hesitate to know all the information about the Nokia 6. If you want to pass now to the action, I have:

  • Chip Snapdragon. For 200 euros terminal we terminal with Snapdragon 430, is low-end but works very well, you will not have problems with this chip at all, so that is a nice addition and reason to buy it.
  • Screen. You can take a mobile phone of 5.5 inches and FullHD resolution. So that without doubt is another of the reasons for weight very important to buy this terminal.
  • 3 Gb RAM. A good beast with 3 GB of RAM that has everything you need so that you need not to buy another terminal mid-range.
  • 32 Gb of storage. More than enough really, especially now that we have the cloud. But it is good that we can enjoy at least this amount.
  • Camera of outstanding. With 16 MP and f/2.0 have a camera with outstanding, you’ll be able to take photos and record videos without having to worry about the rest. Without a doubt, one of the reasons to buy this terminal.
  • Design. The design is very nice and likes a lot who see it, because it is quite spread that we could define as a very of Nokia and that we liked it, because he’s going to give you options in the mobile market.

By their price (almost 200 euros), Nokia 6, is a large terminal

For its price 200 € , rather than recommend a mid-range chinese, this Nokia 6 it would not be a bad option since then.

¡¡we Hope that you have enjoyed our reasons to buy the Nokia 6!! What do you think of this smartphone? What you you you you buy?

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