6 curiosities about the Samsung Galaxy S6

Plano general frontal del Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Yes, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is about to arrive, but before we speak of some curiosities that can who do not know . Yesterday we were with people Samsumg, and have given us a number of very interesting facts.

Os and leave you with the video, but not before remind that Galalaxy Samsung Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have been put on sale today, and you can find them in stores like Amazon, and major telecommunications companies.

Here you can read a summary of these curiosities:

100,000 pre-reservations in Spain

In Spain, there are now 100,000 pre-booking of Samsung Galaxy S6, but that figure is cotando the two models. Indeed, it seems that the battle to see which is the best-selling will be hard fought, because This amount is split right in half, 50% for each .

The gold, the quietest

Interestingly, gold colored version is the more reserved, and by far , and the truth is that it looks really good. In second place is the green, which is specific for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Finally, there is the electric blue, exclusive Samsung Galaxy S6 “ flat “. Anecdotally, according to Samsung, men prefer darker colors, women and lighter.

800 for bending the

Up to 800 degrees Celsius had to go Samsung to bend the glass screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge . A true technological challenge, as we see, has not been all bad.

Wireless charging

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 can be charged wirelessly, but best of all is that supports the two standards that are currently more use, WFP, and WPC (Qi). So, practically it will serve any such apparatus for charging.

million dollar investments

No doubt that Samsung is serious with his Galaxy S6 and this new curve edge technology, and proof of this are billion euro investment that has made the company to adapt its production factory terminal. Now it remains to be seen how this investment translates into the future, and why not, maybe one day you come see terminals midrange and low-end screens of this type .

New more resistant aluminum

Finally, note the material they are made new caps range of the company. Not only were simply replaced by aluminum plastic but ** they have chosen a more resistant aluminum standard used in smartphones . It comes Specifically, aluminum 6013, which according to Samsung, is up 50% stiffer and 20% more scratch resistant than aluminum 6063 . The evidence we saw these days made by the company itself reveal her strength.

So much for the curious data we have seen in the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Now we just need to see them in-depth analysis, so stay tuned to the channel and blog that is about to come!

And you do you think? Head over six curiosities about the Samsung Galaxy S6 to leave your mark.

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