6 apps for the Android experience Stand on any mobile

Android 9.0 Pie

Android 9.0 Foot already gives life to the Google Pixel and Essential Phone from all over the world, and is on its way to a good number of mobile manufacturers that will soon receive the last major update of the operating system. Others, however, will have to wait a little more, if it is that at some point in their manufacturers decide to deliver the update.

luckily, the flexibility and freedom that Android offers to users and developers, makes any able to enjoy some of the best new Android Foot despite the fact that your mobile still not been updated or you will never do this. In this article, we selected the 6 best applications to bring the experience of Walking to any mobile, whatever your version of Android.

The Android experience Foot, on your mobile with these apps

Pixel Launcher

Before anything else, to be able to enjoy an experience that is as similar as possible to the Android’s Foot, it is necessary to have a launcher whose appearance is as close as possible to the original. Therefore, our choice is the Pixel Launcher customizable, known as the rootless Pixel Launcher, which in addition to having all of the features of the launcher original included in Android Foot, includes customization options extra as the ability to change between light and dark themes, icons, customizable, and much more.

The launcher can be download free, although due to restrictions of Google Play can’t find in the store, but it is necessary to download and manually install the executable file, APK available in the repository, APK GitHub. As alternatives to this app, we can find Lawnchair or Nova Launcher.

GitHub | Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.6

Navigation Gestures and OnePlus Gestures

One of the most important novelties of Android’s Foot is, without doubt, the gesture navigation. Despite having been criticised, this navigation system is the future of Android, and sooner or later it will touch some getting used to. Meanwhile, all those who still do not have a mobile phone with the latest version, can use one of the many solutions that exist.

To obtain the experience more similar to the gestures of the Android Pie, the best option is to Navigation Gestures, an app developed by the folks of XDA-Developers, that allows you to customize to fund any parameter related to the gestures.

Google Play | Navigation Gestures

however, we have found that the gestures included by OnePlus in its latest phones offer an experience more fluid and intuitive with the interface of the system. In this case, the app is best OnePlus Gestures.

Google Play | OnePlus Gestures

Android Q Rotation

For many, the manual rotation of Android Foot is one of the utilities most interesting that have made their debut along with this version. It consists of a small shortcut that appears in the navigation bar each time the device changes position, and that allows you to rotate the screen contents manually, avoiding the need to activate the automatic rotation. And yes, there are applications that do exactly the same thing.

In your time as we explain how to enjoy this feature in any mobile. And is that to do this, just use one of the many apps that exist on Google Play manually rotate the screen content when the phone changes position. Our choice, being free and very easy to use, is Android-P Rotation.

Google Play | Android P Rotation


Another major change introduced with Android Stand were the new volume controls. Now, natively, the menu of volume control appears in the right part of the screen with vertical format, and by default it allows you to modify the multimedia audio independently of the rest. It is also possible to change between the different modes –calls, vibration, and silence– through a switch.

VolumePie is an application that does exactly the same thing, and even better, since it allows customize the color and style of the menu control of volume, position and many more parameters. Despite the existence of a free version of the app, you will need to purchase the Pro version to enjoy all the features.

Google Play | Volume Foot

Google Play | VolumePie Pro (0,59 euros)

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