5 tricks to Netflix that you need to know

Netflix 5 trucos

With these 5 tricks for Netflix, sure, you manage to extract all the juice it deserves. Netflix is a platform that is great to enjoy the best content, on everything from the best movies and series. If you want to know tricks to enjoy more of the service, don’t you can lose, because as you advance you are going to come very well. Not only you will be able to enjoy a subscription to Netflix cheaper, but also share it with your friends, among many other secrets.

5 tricks for Netflix

do Not miss these 5 tricks for Netflix, surely more than one will comes well to to squeeze your experience with the popular streaming service:

  • VPN. With a VPN, you’ll be able to watch Netflix for the rest of the countries. This in addition, we are going to come in handy for the next thing that you are going to tell you. This is great, because you’ll be able to access to exclusive content from other countries (that comes out before you get there) without having to wait to do so in Spain. As we tell you how to set up a VPN on Android, and 3 reasons why you should use a VPN. There are many software also for PC, you can ask in the comments.
  • Subscription cheapest. With the fertilizer on Netflix USA, Netflix subscription will work out cheaper. If we analyse the situation, we see that in these moments we get it for 9,99 euros per month with Netflix Spain. With Netflix united States, the thing changes, and they are about 9.50 euros. We already know that the difference is not anything of another world, but after a few years, sure we noticed the difference. It is important to always be attentive to where we can get a subscription cheaper, sometimes they do promotions.
  • Share your subscription with your friends. This is the bomb of the bombs, because for only 9,99 or 9,50 euros per month you can enjoy all the content both you and those you want. You already know, that with the standard account can enjoy 2 at a time, that is the one that costs us the 9,99 euros, but with the premium, 11,99 euros for 4 simultaneous. What is certain, is that if you divide the price between 4, it comes out very cheap to use Netflix to view unlimited content… don’t you think?
  • Careful with the data, use Wi-Fi. You already know that the media content consumes a lot, especially if you reproduce it in high quality. The best part is that if you use your mobile phone, we connect via Wi-Fi or the data will fly fast. Within the configuration of the app, you’ll be able to check “video Playback”, with “Wi-Fi”.
  • Send your favorite content to Chromecast. As you imagine, Netflix is compatible with Chromecast, so don’t hesitate to send anything you want to see on tv, with just a click. We are going to come in handy for watching movies on the big screen in the living room, instead of on the laptop.

And this is not all

bonus Tip: Manage your favorites and recommendations. On Netflix you can add movies to favorites to watch later. But another feature that has no waste, is that at all times throws us recommendations based on what we have seen recently. Sure with these, we will be aware of everything so as not to lose anything.

As you can see, Netflix offers a large range of possibilities. We love it, because for its price we can enjoy the best content without limits.

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do You have been helpful these 5 tricks for Netflix? With the time, sure that the list is growing. We’ll keep you informed.

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