5 tips to customize housings of cell without dying in the attempt

has happened to Me many times to talk with acquaintances or friends about the custom casing and its bad results. If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know that the custom casing on the one hand may be very good, but the other is not, because they are certain about the quality. That is to say, it is very important that they are of good quality, because it is what protects the cell.

Where is the main problem with them? In many pages, although they promise cool designs, the quality leaves much to be desired. That is to say, for the main mobile as Galaxy S or iPhone they are quality, but for a mobile “less popular”, say, that are not of the same materials, since at the time of choosing, in many cases do not offer the same materials or options.

como personalizar carcasa movil consejos

How to customize housings of mobile

that is why, from now on I want you to have the following in mind before you buy a housing for the mobile custom:

  • Not just any shop, always check the comments and the pictures with the final result. It is clear that shops of custom casing there is kicking, but look always what material is the housing you’re buying, because it is the one that will protect your phone from drops, bumps,… it is also important that you like it, because, otherwise you’re going to use for a lot that you like the image that wearing.
  • Choose a photo quality. To get a good result, upload your photo to the online store in high quality to not to have any problems with the print and looks perfect. Adjust to your device.
  • Best if you already have the picture. The other day I bought a custom case for my mobile, of Atletico Madrid. Instead of uploading I same the photo, I bought it directly to the store, that is to say, instead of climbing I that same photo, I found it in the store for housing custom. If there are better, because you can be sure that you will be luxury.
  • Look at the materials of the case. Take a good look at the types of enclosures or covers that they have and in the materials, buy one of quality.
  • Better than the store is only housing. Usually give better results and have better support (because they are dedicated to that alone).

Now, you can buy the best custom casing for your mobile

These are some tips that I can give you to buy custom casing. Because if you have a popular mobile insurance is nice, but not popular, there are usually no (in many) the same finishes, types of housing, etc… and the result can leave much to be desired even having paid money.

have You had bad experiences with housing custom?

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