5 technological products more amazing unveiled at CES 2019

CES, is an event that takes place every year, where the different signatures show the most innovative products in which they are working. These presentations always bring us big surprises (though not always come to fruition) and the 2019 has not been the exception.

We have chosen 5 products that we have found to be the highlight of the whole event, although it has not been a simple thing to do.

The phone’s highlight is the Nubian Network Magic Mars

We are Androidphoria and for this reason we could not stop to highlight a smart phone with Android. The Nubian Network Magic Mars has left a pleasant feeling among those present. This mobile brand ZTE comes equipped with a Snapdragon processor 845, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, with a battery of 3800 mAh and a spectacular design.

price below 400 euros is what stands out the most of this device. Without doubt will give much to talk about in this 2019.

The tv that can be rolled up LG

The product that gave that talk was the tv of OLED screen able to be rolled. This tv displays the same image quality of a conventional television, but with the particularity that it can be collected in a small piece of furniture.

These are the 5 mobile trends you’ll see throughout 2019

By the time we don’t know if it will bring more problems than advantages, what is certain is that without doubt it is something very novel that joins the mobile-collapsible promised for this year, although the latter may have more utility.

HomeBrew, the machine to make beer at home

to be Able to make our own beer at home as if it were coffee it is certainly something very attractive. Although it does not yet have a release date or price of this machine brand LG could become one of the most common products in our homes.

The only detail is that takes up to 3 weeks to produce 5 gallons of beer. The same will work with capsules as the coffee.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire, the bike of the future

¡The first Harley-Davidson electric! If you are bike enthusiasts and want to do something for the environment, this Harley-Davidson is for you. Is capable of going from 0 To 100 Km/h in less than 3.5 seconds.

The sound it produces when accelerating it is simply sublime, if you don’t believe, we invite you to see the video.

finally we wanted to bring a good laptop and the ASUS ZENBOOK S13 seemed to us the most interesting. Account with a screen 13.9″ which occupy 97% of the body of the laptop, which makes it a 12.5% smaller from the previous model of 13.9″ of the firm. Is so lightweight that it only weighs 1.1 Kg.

it Is equipped with a processor Core i7 of the eighth generation, 16 GB RAM and a SSD hard disk of 1 TB.

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