5 reasons why we want a Nexus from Motorola


few days Ago I rang a news for those who like some and dislike others: LG will make a Nexus this year. The trajectory of these guys is spectacular, because you have built the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X. The first two marked a before and an after, but the latter is picked up in sales for the amazing price of output, even though now it costs a lot less. But who will manufacture the new Nexus or one of them if we had 2? rumors speak of HTC or Huawei. But to us, we will tell you 5 reasons why we want a Nexus from Motorola:

we Want a Moto Nexus 2015

motorola-nexus-6-waterproofThese are our 5 reasons why we want a Nexus Motorola:

  • Because they have already made a Nexus. The guys from Motorola have already made a Nexus before the Nexus 6. We have it and it goes like silk. The problem has always been, since its launch, is the price that was too high. Although we already saw that plummeted, to be able to sell units. The guys of Moto, already have experience in this, this is why you should make a new Nexus.
  • Because your terminals marked. The Moto G, E and X Motorola have marked the users. Especially the Moto G, which were the kings of the mid-range at least two years. This year, users were not very happy with their price, they complained of little innovation. But introduced water resistance and 2 GB of RAM, although also escaped the price. But since we find it cheaper.
  • Because it fits in with Google. Motorola fits very well with Google, the relationship is good. Have already made a Nexus and know what’s going on. In addition, it engages in issues of updates. The Bike know that it is having Android Pure and to update. For that reason, it fits in with Google, by Android Pure and to live up to date.
  • Because they listen to the users. The guys at Motorola have done well for many years, making terminals that marked their users and the needs of them. What they achieved with the first Moto G is something that no Android fan Pure be able to forget, because it was the best price-quality ratio of the moment, without being a Nexus. If Moto makes the new Nexus, will be finally a Nexus, juicy in quality-price.
  • Because they deserve it. No more. Motorola, after what has happened this year, you need to do something big again, again highlight and be mouth to mouth among the users. They deserve it for their great careers in the past few years. To see what happens now with Lenovo. But without a doubt, would not be bad that these guys made the new Nexus from Google. It would be a good time to show what you are capable, the benefits, depending on the range, sure to be the best.

Who want to make the new Nexus?

Takes the comments to tell us who you want to make the new Nexus. The truth is that we liked very much the work of a Bike in the last few years, and a Nexus, after seeing the elegance of this year with the Moto X. In short, a good manufacturer to continue with the work of Android Pure that started Google, and we have caught many users.

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