5 reasons why Super Mario Run will not succeed as much as Pokémon GO (on Android)

After months playing Pokémon and GO and the time we have been playing Super Mario Run (since its launch for iOS), I would dare to give you these 5 reasons why Super Mario Run will not succeed as much as Pokémon GO (on Android). I want to make it clear that this is the case in Android, for Super Mario Run is going to arrive too late to the Android, much more than iOS as you already know. Can you tell when will Super Mario Run Android from this article.

of Us who have tried both games, we want to give you the reasons why Super Mario Run is not going to succeed as much as Pokémon GO on Android.


5 reasons why Super Mario Run will not succeed as much as Pokémon GO (on Android)

What is clear, is that while Super Mario Run is a great game, the problem is not with the game, is that a great success may not come so many months later… especially if it is a game that has just ended, which has no end, because although there are examples of successes that came before to iOS and ended up triumphing also in Android, the most prominent is the Clash Royale, but it is different, because it is “infinite”. While many players of Super Mario Run in iOS have already finished.

1 – Pokémon GO there is no end

This is a bit relative, because it is clear that we may consider the end of Pokémon GO when you catch all the Pokémon, or you reach the maximum level. However, it is different, because to get it you have to devote a lot of time and even travel. But I’ve finished Super Mario Run playing from an iPhone, and without having to spend too much time. We will, when it comes to Android I will have grace the game unless they add more things.

To give you an idea, now I just left the races… because once you go from 4,000 toads no longer can unlock more bridges rainbow (and there are 5). The only thing left to do once you finish is to keep throwing races.

  • Super Mario Run is just super fast. As we told you, this is its main defect. I’ve finished playing from an iPhone, we will, when it comes to Android I am not going to buy because they tried it and finished it.

2 – Nintendo said that it could not expand Super Mario

If this is true, it’s crazy… because the game already have finished almost all users on iOS. Come on, you’re going to pay 10 euros and in a week almost what you have if you play. Pokémon GO seems like a game more in the long term. More type Clash Royale, more infinite, while Super Mario Run is over, especially if Nintendo confirms that it will not extend more the game.

3 – The price of 10 euros to play

Although all the life we have paid for the games, is not the same as an in-app purchase (which is optional) than a direct purchase from the force to get the game. The price of the 10 euros is pretty expensive, especially for users who have already tried it on iOS and already have finished, like me. I would buy again the game if it were infinite, type Clash Royale, but if you are not going to have more has no sense.


4 – Pokémon GO compatible with smartwatches

you have been given much hype to this news, because Pokémon GO going to get to smart watches, such as the Apple Watch, but also coming to other smartwatches with Android Wear, or at least we hope. This makes the game as a more desired and attractive, giving you more possibilities.

Actually it would be interesting to add a Super Mario Run pipe “mini”, more small to play from the clock (there are already a few of this style and you can play them perfectly).

5 – shop for Super Mario Run leaves much to be desired

Another thing I didn’t liked a hair, it is that there comes a time in which you can not unlock more items. I miss special items. Or a Christmas campaign as Pokémon GO. Probably just missing this. Like it is because it has not yet come out for Android and want to go slowly, but as you say, it gives the feeling that the game ends quickly… and that the store leaves much to be desired compared to other games.

These are our 5 reasons why Super Mario Run will not succeed as much as Pokémon GO (on Android). We want to highlight about all in Android for the first reason, which, sadly, the game ends fast. Faster than we would like.

What do you think? Are you more a fan of Super Mario Run?

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