5 reasons to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 oficial

Since I have the new or not so new Smartband from Xiaomi, I have to tell you that I am very satisfied, because it offers me more options -due to its low price, many other that I have tried. In part that is why I recommend it and for this I’m going to give you 5 reasons to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is already a time with us in the market. We find many times of offering, with coupons discount for about 22 euros. A very attractive price taking in mind that it is the model most exclusive that have been released and that it will surprise you. Wait No more because we went to the action:

mi band 2 vs mi band 1s xiaomi

5 reasons to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

These are my 5 reasons to buy:

  • Is comfortable. Is Xiaomi Mi Band’s most comfortable that I have tried. Is different and much more comfortable than the previous models, or other smartband more expensive. I definitely recommend it if only because it is so comfortable it is compared to other bracelets. Have taken care of the design and the materials, it is manufactured with utmost care, because it has no waste. You’ll be amazed how comfortable it is, this Xiaomi Mi Band 2. You will find interchangeable straps for if you want to wear each day a different color.
  • The price is unbeatable. For all it offers, it has the best quality-price ratio market SmartBand. If you are looking for a wristband good and inexpensive, is perfect for you. On offer we have found for 22 euro, no offer, it could cost you a little bit more expensive. But if you want to buy and you have it clear, estate pending bids that are in GearBest. For that price you will not for at Customs, so don’t worry.
  • We measured the pulse. If you want to know how to work your beats all the time, with the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 you can get it whenever you want. It is one of the best options that we have in the market, because for a little more than 20 euros you will have this information on your wrist whenever you want. You’ll have to adjust it to the wrist to operate.
  • Takes much battery. Lasts at least 15-20 days using it quite a bit. We emphasize the battery life for this bracelet, in addition to the fast load. Even if you don’t have time to upload it and put a while to load, you’ll see that you can use it a couple of days… the battery is one of the main dishes.
  • The screen gives a lot of information. To part of show keystrokes, the screen also shows you the time and the steps. It seems absurd, but it is a great innovation, because it is the bracelet smart cheaper that makes it possible. Have screen is a 10 for this bracelet. Sliding the screen up or down, you’ll see your pulse, the time that is and the steps (you can configure what you want from the app).

don’t miss out this comparison between Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. The have screen, the new bracelet from Xiaomi, I of it or I thought so. ┬íPura innovation on your wrist! You see everything different. Many users doubt, but for the small price difference that there is right now, as I advance that it compensates to buy the new model. You will not have gaps. Is practical and beautiful, easy to use and tie.

Is the best in relationship quality-price of the market

Is the bracelet more comfortable and better in quality-price ratio that I have tried. I recommend it with eyes closed. It is perfect for you if you are looking for a bracelet cuantificadora of your daily activity and cheap. For a little more than 20 euros you’ll find it to buy…

Mi Band 2 Precio

Where can I buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 cheap?

In the following link cn see all the options to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Should cost between 22 and 30 euros offer. In GearBest for example we have continuously discounts by Xiaomi, so I of it I do not I thought and would expect to have a juicy offer to pick it up cheaper than ever.

  • Is perfect for gift-giving.

the one Who sees me this bracelet, the wants. So, if you want to make a gift to a geek or a person that you think may be useful to you, since you say that for its price and results, is perfect for gift giving this My Band 2. In addition to already know what it’s like Xiaomi. The bracelet comes very well presented in its box, perfect for gift giving amazing and useful.

we take this opportunity to tell you that you have a lot of care with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 are false, have been found for many cases, users can’t link the bracelet with the app for it to be totally false. If you see that it is strangely cheap (it costs 10 euros for example), be wary, because that is impossible.

we Hope that you have liked the article as well as these reasons to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. I recommend it a lot!

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