5 open-world games for Android which you must not miss

In the field of video games, the genre, open world comprises all those games where the player is located in a large virtual world, and exploration is the main objective to follow. Unlike the games linear, in open-world games (also known as a sandbox) you decide what to do and how to do it, thus having endless possibilities of fun.

In the Play Store there are many games of this genre that we can find. However, for you to download just the good ones, we have selected the 5 best open-world games for Android , and then here they are.

Gangstar Vegas

The style of Grand Theft Auto, this game takes us to a city of Las Vegas plagued by mafia and action. In Gangstar Vegas control to a mixed martial arts fighter who sees it as his dream, to become the champion of MMA, he vanishes to get involved in a struggle of gang.

From racing cars to gang shootings, this game offers a lot of possibilities of entertainment in its 80 missions. In addition, you can play it without being connected to the Internet.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is probably the game more crazy that exists today. Its creators define it as β€œthe latest in simulation technology goats,” and already there, we can understand that the strong point of this game is the comedy. However, to control a goat, able to destroy everything around is one of the most fun things available for Android.

In the game there are no missions or objectives as such. Everything is focused on the exploration of the open world to discover secrets fun, new characters and new tools that allow them to cause more chaos in the city.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

In a list like this can not miss Minecraft; the world’s largest open video games (it is infinite). There is little you can say that is not know about this famous game, which came out in 2009 for the PC and revolutionized the industry for their mechanical focus on building on free with blocks.

Fight against hazardous enemies, share with your friends, get resources, build palaces and many more things you can do in the spectacular open world that Minecraft gives you.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

unlike San Andreas, GTA: Vice City flows very well in most of the Android devices, by being that the best game type sandbox in the Play Store, without a doubt.

In its open world filled with neighborhoods of elegant, glamour, weapons, cars, beaches and wetlands, we can pass endless hours of fun, whether you are following your story, or wandering through the city. It should be noted that it is compatible with the majority of controls for Android, so that it is the ideal place to spend many hours playing on your mobile.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

In Oddworld: Stranger”s Wrath embody the bounty hunter Stranger in the town of Western and Dumb; a place dominated by crime and chaos, and that therefore we must save. Criticism considers a work of art due to the level of detail and beauty of their settings.

Over 20 hours of action and adventure assures us of this hilarious game, where strategy and exploration are vital.

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